Hi! My name is Carolina Tikerpe, though I am mostly known as Carol. I am a
chef and researcher (therefore eternal apprentice) of culinary arts and gastronomy. For a bit over a year, I have joined my passion for writing, good meals and personal well-being in this blog.

I am originally from São Paulo, Brazil, and currently a foodie-globe-trotter.

My start in the field happened as a weekend apprenticeship by the end of high school at a French bistrot near home. This experience assured that I wanted to do this for life, which lead to getting educated in culinary arts in SENAC-SP. In college, I participated of my first culinary competition and having won, I got a scholarship to continue my education in Switzerland at DCT Culinary Arts and Hotel Management Center over one amazing year. It was then that I realized my internal hunger for traveling and exploring the world through its food. So when I returned to Brazil, I decided to explore some of my own culture in the northeast of the country, working in the small touristy village of Jericoacoara – wordly known for its windsports, breath-taking beach and bohemian life-style.
At the moment, I am finishing up my Southeast Asian tour, having mostly lived in Bali, Indonesia, and lots travels in Thailand; including a one month course at PunPun Organic Farm (who have the biggest seed bank in SE Asia!), living and studying sustainable food-related practices.
I soon head back to Brazil, where I will continue my cultural iniciative project JantArteS, in which dinner is the main setting and “excuse” for live art production and performance.
I am constantly searching for new challenges and projects!

I dedicate myself to vegetarian cuisine and mindful, consumer-conscious eating; which blend in with well-being, health and self-awareness practices. I believe that by making small changes in our daily habits, from food choice to a cultivating a positive mind set – being aware and respecting our diversity and individuality – we can live in better health and make the world a healthier place to live in, co-existing with nature in a compassionate non-competitive way.

My motto is to “savor life, digest ideas and enjoy good meals” and this blog is where I share all my finds and thoughts.

To this point, the blog only has a Portuguese version. Sorry for the inconvenience.

For now, enjoy as much as you can! And thanks for stopping by!

Check out my CV here and for further details, feel free get in touch.
Contact info under ‘CONTATO’ tab on the blog.





  1. Jhoanna and Olivier from Pun Pun

    Dear Carol,

    Did u get these 2 emails we sent u 2 weeks ago ?

    Is it still OK for u to welcome us in Greenschool ?

    We are available to give free session of inner dance between february 9th and february 22nd !

    We ll be next feb 9th at 10 : 05 AM and we ll be accomodated at melati Cottages whose fone number is 0 361 97 46 50

    I ll be happy to see u again !:D



    Dear Carol,

    for you to share with the parents and the staff of Greenschool, these are
    our introduction datas :

    Who we are :
    Jhoanna is an inner dancer, yoga teacher and massage therapist.
    Olivier is an osteopath, polarity medicine and massage therapist.

    What is our journey about ?
    Our mission is awakening the healer inside ourselves.
    Our vision is to share our experience of building a spiritual healers’

    How healing happened for us ?
    We experienced in our lives this healing through an opening of trust and
    surrender spaces.

    What is inner dance ?
    Inner dance is a healing modality that comes from a gentle powerful
    intuitive energy that moves people to deep catharsis and release.
    ( http://www.innerdance.multiply.com , http://www.innerdance.wordpress.com )

    What is polarity medicine ?
    Polarity medicine is a healing modality whose aim is to balance and
    strengthen the energy flow of the body.

    What we offer together ?
    We offer an experience described, according to persons we met, as a meeting
    of two energies in the different energy centers of the body.

    Hi Carol

    We’ll be in Bali from February 9-23. We’ll be traveling with Olivier’s friend from France who is learning healing with us in Maia in Palawan.

    We’re just thinking of a simple session that we can share with your community there. It’s a wonderful idea that you mention children!
    We can have sessions with the children, their parents and the staff.
    Same as in Punpun, 2 hours for each session with maximum of 6 participants.

    We’ll be keeping it at an experiential level for now, meaning anyone can join and be open receivers. If there is interest though for those who will attend we can have partnering sessions where one can experience being both giver and receiver.

    We will allot 3-4 days, one session a day during our stay in Bali. There’s no charge. We’ve been receiving so much grace and joy from the Universe and we are in a state of sharing and creating friendships and community-building.

    If you need any information that you will need to pass on to people who may be interested just keep in touch 🙂

    Jhoanna and Olivier

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